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“Musikaar team has been foundational to our success as building a brand new portfolio product in cloud security space. They got our requirements, built out a team specifically based on our needs and required skills and onboarded them to serve a large distributed product team. I have been able to offload tasks from the team to Musikaar and parallelize our efforts in multiple timezones thanks to their ability to hire and run the team independently.”

Sasan Padidar

Sr. Director, Engineering, CrowdStrike.

“Musikaar has been our preferred partner on Test Services since a very long time where they have helped in releasing various version across multiple product portfolios. Their on-time commitment for the deliverable’s is impressive. Having a right set of mindset wrt to communication, supported business-case and being available at the need-of-the-hour has always been appreciated. Thanks Musikaar Team!”

Sunil Mishra

Sr. Manager, CrowdStrike.

“Musikaar is an outstanding resource for any small to mid-sized company needing highly technical QA who can get the job done. If you want peace of mind, then go with Musikaar. I have worked with many other Indian outsourced companies and have had little success. Specific issues I've seen have seen:

- Non autonomous individuals who need a strong manager to direct their efforts;

- Individuals not able to pursue the information that they need with the US based engineers, simply not being aggressive enough to get the information they need

- High staff turnover leading to a lack of organizational knowledge about the product at hand.

I've partnered with Musikaar at numerous silicon valley companies. The relationship now spans a number of years. Each of the companies was focused on innovative new technologies in 'hard' computing paradigms such as network packet sniffing, virtualization, etc. For each company a new Musikaar team was built up quickly. The individuals found proved highly technical and showed great insight. More than any other India team I have seen they have 'worked the system' to ensure that they get what they need from US engineers. And in all cases it has felt very much like having an Indian arm of the company rather than a consulting firm on board.”

Ian McWilton

Director of Engineering, Moka5, Inc.

“Musikaar is by far the best extension of our development team we have ever had. Our business model and products are very complicated – however, the Musikaar team continues to amaze me on a daily basis with their attention to detail, organization, and ability to think outside of the box, which is what I look for in QA teams! Their skill to communicate clearly, execute with little or no direction, and flexibility are some of their greatest strengths.”

Neal Patel

VP Technology, J Hilburn

“The part of the product outsourced to Musikaar was a legacy product with lot of history, dependencies on other components from cross functional groups as well as geographical location and hence a challenge to support. Musikaar came out with flying colors. They have not only shown thorough commitment and dedication towards every deliverable but a solid sense of ownership. The team has an exceptional can-do attitude and is very result oriented. A set of products were completely owned by this team which involved requirements gathering, designing and reviews, development, QA and post release support. And they have always lived up to and in fact exceeded our expectations with it came to releases; PSI over PSI. A few members of Musikaar also helped us with a reporting product that we had been struggling to put together for quite some while now. Again and exceptional showcase of performance to put it together, get it reviewed and signed off. Working with Musikaar has not been like working with a vendor team but just an extended team of McAfee, now Intel Security. Kudos to the leadership and management team of Musikaar for building such a strong technical team with right attitude, willingness to collaborate and own and passion to deliver and meet customer needs and expectations.”

Arati Sankhe

Sr. Manager, McAfee Inc.

“When we needed to rapidly increase and mature the of quality assurance processes, Musikaar was the obvious option. The team quickly learned our product, built a large and accurate set of test cases, and integrated themselves perfectly into our development tools and processes. Finding issues in a timely and complete fashion is critical for software development, and the Masikaar team excelled at this challenge.”

Todd Graham

CTO & Co-founder, Bluenose.

“Musikaar did an excellent job for us in becoming an extended part of our development team. They bring organization and process, take initiative and genuinely work collabaratively to accelerate development.”

Jim Nisbet

Founder and CTO, Tablus, Inc. (acquired by RSA Security)