Software Quality Assurance

At Musikaar, we believe that 'A well-functioning software means a well-tested software'

Manual Testing

Testing manually is the first step towards improving quality of the software. Along with delivering a robust software, manual testing helps to improve usability of a software as well.

Automation Testing

Automating the tests is absolutely essential for quicker turn around. It helps reduce the test cycles and helps test the software on multiple configurations.

Security Testing

With the evolution of cloud and internet technologies, security testing has become a crucial step for every product.

Performance Testing

Performance testing gives us the confidence that the application is ‘ready’ for use in all scenarios. It ensures good performance for your application.

What We Do?

We create Experiences, build Innovations and deliver Acceleration

In today’s digitally embedded society, the impact of software helps to improve life style and intensify business prospects. Software plays a crucial role in today’s day to day life of common people. However, this requires a well-functioning software. To put it simply, as we say a well-functioning software is a well-tested software.

The backbone of our QA service is the skilled group of knowledgeable testers and leads. We have dedicated teams setup solely to address individual client needs as per the technical requirements. We are using virtualization for efficiency and reliability. We have designed secure and isolated environments for testing. We promise quality of the products we test with superior user experience.

We have expertise in following:
  • Functional, Regression and White Box testing
  • Test Automation (API, UI & Command line)
  • Performance and Scalability testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Usability testing
  • Security testing
  • Maintaining test-beds

Our Workflow

Generally an engagement with us looks something like this


We help with the planning and overall strategy through various activities. We help choose the right tools for test case management and automation framework and help implement it. We can even adapt an existing framework. Our skilled testers write and maintain test cases.


We build a robust process to manage client expectations. Communication is the key. Status reporting is crucial and we ensure the client is always aware of the work done. This continuous engagement with the client keeps everything aligned till delivery.


Good planning and implementing well-defined processes helps us deliver quality output. Our adaptive working style helps collaborate with clients and deliver efficiently.

Automation Testing

Automation makes testing efficient and cost effective because it reduces the time and resources required rather than testing manually. Test early, test often is the new mantra of Agile & DevOps world and automating testing makes this happen.

Our expert engineers provide end to end automated testing solution right from scratch or by adopting/redesigning existing automated frameworks.

We have expertise in:
  • Web and Mobile App Automation
  • UI, API & CommandLine automation expertise
  • Automation of Functional, Integration, Regression, Smoke Suite
We have expertise with following tools/technologies:
  • Selenium
  • Cypress
  • PyTest
  • Appium/Cucumber
  • Katalon Studio
  • TestNG

Performance Testing

Performance Testing helps evaluate an application’s responsiveness, throughput, speed, stability, and scalability.

It helps ensure that software applications function smoothly under the expected and substantial workload and are ready for real-life operations. Our dedicated team offers to enhance the performance of the product by performing various types of testing like Load, Stress, Soak testing.

Tools we use:
  • Apache jMeter
  • Visual Studio
  • Web Load

Test Management

Managing the QA process with ease is important to make sure we deliver as estimated. Test management is the practice of closely managing and monitoring application testing to ensure that resources are being focused on high-risk or important areas of the software. It helps to organize, control, analyse, and trace the testing process while managing testing resources.

Most used and preferred tools:
  • xRay/Zephyr/Jira
  • TestRail
  • Testlink
  • qTest
  • TestCollab
  • TFS

Security/API Testing

We have an awesome pool of security engineers to make sure the application does not have weaknesses, risks, or threats to avoid it being compromised. We offer Penetration testing of web applications using Burp tool, Network Analysis using tools like WireShark, API testing using tools like Postman/Curl etc.

QA Infrastructure support throughout the process

Our IT team creates a robust and cutting-edge technology infrastructure as per client requirements. It can be On-Prem or Cloud infrastructure support when needed. This means our clients don’t need to worry about any project related infrastructure setup or its maintenance.

Our team is responsible for:

    • Virtualization setup using - VMWare , Citrix, and Xen for product testing (functional testing or performance testing).
    • Various types of application server’s setup for product cross compatibility testing.
    • Isolated environment for project specific testing for compliance of client data security, testing for security breaches, real malware, and R&D.