About Client

They are world’s leading live entertainment company and they work with artists to bring their talent to life on stages around the world. Their partner company is a global leader in ticket management for sports and entertainment.

The ‘Ask’

  • They have an in-house development team but do not have an in-house QA team. They approached Musikaar with the need for both Manual & Automation QA. After discussions about their requirements and expectations, Musikaar was engaged to ensure thorough test coverage of their Mobile and Web Application.
  • Since the client has a major consumer base in USA, the primary goal was to ensure that the test coverage is performed seamlessly for the US market. The client’s need was to further ensure that the mobile application works impeccably on iOS and Android devices; and the web application works smoothly on all popular US browsers and devices.
  • They have frequent releases and announcements of new shows/promotions hence it was not possible to do full manual regression every time and required automation tied up with their build pipelines to prevent any critical/major failures to slip through to production.

Our Plan