About Client

Our Client is a software company based in US that provides cloud-native data protection solutions designed to help enterprise security teams detect insider risks to data that could lead to data leakage, data loss or insider threat breaches, and respond to them appropriately.

The ‘Ask’

Client wanted to globalize their product. They wanted us to test their application for it and wanted our QA team to test their product’s functionality and user experience with localized content.

These were the main areas we had to plan for and strategize:

  • Setting up environments (supported Operating Systems, supported Browsers, Installing supported language packs).
  • Verifying that all the content is localized and then verifying the translated content in different supported locales.
  • Testing basic functionality of the product.
  • Keeping an eye on styling, indents, spaces & alignment everywhere in the product.
  • Identifying broken links due to localization.